GUIGIM-SSAM (Seaweed Vegetable Wrap)


Cooked rice
2 sheets of Roasted Seaweed
Radish 10g
Cocktail shrimp 45g(Or Salmon)
Carrot (6cm long) 32.5g
1 egg 44g
40.9g paprika (1/4)
20g mayonnaise
1 Cheongyang Pepper
6.4 g of soy sauce
6.5 g of water
5.5 g vinegar
2.4 g sugar
5.4 g mustard
Sesame oil 1Ts
0.5 teaspoon salt


How to make it

1. Prepare the seaweed by dividing it into 6 equal parts.

2. Slice all vegetables into thin strips. Wash radish clean.

3. Beat the eggs well. Then add some salt.

4. Cook the egg thinly. Let it cool for a while, then slice thin strips.

5. Fry the sliced carrots in oil.

6. Cook the shrimp or meat to your liking. Smoked salmon is also good.

7. Make mayonnaise sauce. Chop the pepper and mix it with mayonnaise to make a sauce.

8. Mix soy sauce, water, vinegar, sugar and mustard to make mustard sauce.

9. Roll up the rice and ingredients according to your taste in the cut seaweed and dip it in the sauce.


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